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Hi!  Welcome to our blog.  My name is Jeff, and I am very interested in the effects of C02 on our atmosphere.  We are creating a scientific research nonprofit to study the effects of carbon dioxide on Earth's atmosphere, how it might be reduced, or "sequestered," and what possible implementations of such a strategy would look like at scale.

But first things first: who am I?  As a certain Wesley might say, "No one of consequence."  I'm not a wealthy entrepreneur.  I didn't attend an Ivy League school.  I am not a scientist.  Nor am I any sort of politician, shill for a company, or representative of anything or anyone except... myself.  In my lifetime (so far), I haven't done anything historically interesting.  My wikipedia entry doesn't exist.  I am utterly unimportant.

But that's not to say I'm no one: I do have certain skills and attributes that make me a valuable leader for our rag-tag fleet.  For example: I was alive in 1978, when g…

Badges For Tracking CO2 in the Atmosphere

We don't need no stinkin' badges!  Or do we?  😇

If you accept the theory that rising levels of CO2 in our atmosphere is causing global warming, then knowing what the current level of carbon dioxide is in our atmosphere, what that level has been historically, and where it's predicted to go, is the most important metric you can track.  No one disputes that CO2 levels are rising - you can see it right here.  Even if you call it fake news, or (I guess) fake science, it's hard to argue with a simple CO2 sensor. What people dispute is why CO2 levels are rising (and thus making the planet warmer).  Earth's geologic history has plenty of variations in the gas makeup of the atmosphere over time; modeling the complex relationships between the planet and the atmosphere is a difficult task.

So what do we know?

CO2 levels are indisputably risingThe planet is getting indisputably warmerMan is currently the biggest contributor of CO2
Imagine that, instead of a fishbowl we're …